Store Movers


When you have a Store in any place

Dubai Movers and packers are the one only team who are well famous to take the opportunity of store moving shifting. Either the store is a corporate or personal entity of United Arab. Indeed we have all the facilities of store shifting. It may also include equipment and heavy material.

Store moving services in Dubai

What material do we use during moving.

  • Different sized boxes, Small, Medium Large and Box File
  • Plastic, Bubble and Corrugated Roll
  • Plain Paper Cut Pieces
  • Hanger Box

How will we do store moving?

All the store moving services depends on the date of clients appointments. And we as movers and packers arrive on the dates issue by clients. We start our standard services when you call us for survey, taking survey after we will provide you our quote for the moving and packing of items separately so you will never get hustle for the service charges we take from you.

On the date of arrival we will be coming with proper boxes of hard boards to keep all your luggage and store stuff in the boxes for moving. You as owner of stuff will be guiding our staff for segregation of boxes in order to keep every thing well acknowledge.

Our Survey and Survey information

A pre-move survey would be taking anywhere between 2 to 4 hours depending upon the nature and the number of the items to be shifting, packing and moving, We also notice store sizes, racks shelf installation and uninstall.

Our smart team when moving ?

We educate our teams on how to deliver the services at clients places. We know how and train our staff on how to give a good behavior to the clients on services. Our staff comes in proper uniforms and smiley faces. We start taking boxes and takes your guidance for packing the stuff in wrappers.